Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reflections on the Songs We Sing - Your Great Name

I recently came upon a wonderful illustration using scripture and personal experience to describe the truth of this song.  My wife, Krissy, is co-writer of the song.  Many of the scripture examples were inspiration for the song’s origin lyrically!  The writer captures the essence of the song very well.  Click here to link to the page.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Camaro Conversations

The boys are already talking about the kinds of cars they want to buy when they turn 16.  Kaden's highly motivated.  Lately he's been getting up at 6:45 to get to work at my business - shipping media.  Kaden is planning to buy a black Camaro with white stripes.  Alex is working towards a red Camaro with black strips.  They are 6 years away, but every day we drive in the car together they notice all of the cars and dream of what they want to drive.  Very cute.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Wingfeather Saga

A few weeks ago on Facebook I asked my friends what books they'd recommend for my boys.  My neighbor, after kiddingly recommending Stephen King novels at first, then answered seriously "The Wingfeather Saga" books by Andrew Peterson.  Well, last weekend he lent them to me for Alex to read.  Alex, my 10 year old crazy reader, devoured both books - each 300 pages or more - in about 2 days.  This, while going to school and doing sports also.  He could not put them down. He was up early and stayed up late to read them.  Tonight, he shared the stories within the books with me in detail.  Andrew Peterson is a maker of great music, and also great adventure/fantasy novels.  Get them for your kids.  Andrew, please write a third.  My son and I beg you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Head Butt Kisses

Our daughter, Anthem kisses us with a head butt.  When I say, "Annie, give me a kiss."  She will bend her head forward and then I kiss her.  This morning, we all head butted each other goodbye as the boys were leaving for school.  Now, I have a headache.

In doing my "research" for this blog entry, I found this interesting article...

Seriously, the head butt is not that hard.  Here's a Parenting magazine article about serious head butting issues...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boys and Time of My Life

This age 7-8 to 10-12 is just such an awesome time for me as a dad.  Today was just another reminder of it.  Not only do I get to enjoy being involved in their sports and important events because I work from home, but also I get to help them in their first jobs working for me on the Ebay and Amazon business we're starting.  They're doing a fantastic job helping with shipping and listing products.  I just want you to know, boys, if you read this later, this is the best time of my life.  God, grant me more experiences like the ones this weekend.

Cheese Nuts

This week I told Kaden I didn't want him saying "I like pie" anymore.  It was getting old and I think it has a gross underlying meaning.  So, now he says "I like cheese nuts" instead. Ugh.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mercy Tree

In the garden of eternity

There grows an endless mercy tree

Everyone who does believe

Is sheltered by it’s covering

The branches stretch as to embrace

It’s flowers bloom in scents of grace

Breezes blow away the pain

Close your eyes and drift away

Find forgiveness

Find relief

Find rest from suffering

Find healing

Find peace

Underneath the mercy tree

It grows as high as it goes deep

The roots reach back to calvary

How small we are, how great is He

The maker of the mercy tree

by Krissy Nordhoff

(c) 2009 TwoNords Music

Andy Andrews - The Traveler's Gift

My family and I listened to this book on CD on our way to and from our Spring Break trip. If you like history, biographies, non-fiction literature mixed together in an inspirational story, I highly recommend The Traveler's Gift and all of Andy Andrews other books.

Stuff White People Like

If you're as white as I am, you will love these things as much as I do.

Needed a Break

Just a quick note to say that I'm not done with blogging. Honestly, for the last few months I haven't had much to say, share or express online. I hope to be back to writing at least weekly soon.